Hacking the Pandemic: Taiwan's Digital Response to Covid-19

活動名稱 Hacking the Pandemic: Taiwan's Digital Response to Covid-19
報名期間 2021.02.25 至 2021.03.07
活動時間 2021.03.08(一) 09:00 - 10:00
活動地點 Webinar
辦理單位 Society for Clinical Research Sites、中國醫藥大學附設醫院臨床試驗中心
連絡電話 04-2205-2121 ext.1474
課程費用 免費
報名名額 1000人
承辦人 汪庭羽
承辦人信箱 a32143@mail.cmuh.org.tw


Society for Clinical Research Sites (簡稱SCRS) 為提供全球臨床研究機構發聲管道,建立一個臨床試驗執行機構(Site)、受託研究機構(CRO)及藥廠(Sponsor)之間積極合作與交流的平台。本院臨床試驗中心與SCRS將於2021年3月8日(週一)上午09:00~10:00共同舉辦COVID-19系列演講,本次特別邀請「唐鳳政務委員」針對「Hacking the Pandemic: Taiwan's Digital Response to Covid-19進行全球同步線上演講,課程完全免費,歡迎報名參加。


EDMHacking the Pandemic Taiwans Digital Response to Covid 19


What can we learn from past epidemics to help manage the COVID-19 pandemic more efficiently and effectively? Explore how Taiwan is being recognized for its work to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. In this webinar, Audrey Tang, Taiwan's digital minister in charge of social innovation will discuss Taiwan's digital approach to managing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. She will also explain her philosophy and why it made a difference in the approach: When we see “internet of things”, let’s make it an internet of beings. When we see “virtual reality”, let’s make it a shared reality. When we see “machine learning”, let’s make it collaborative learning. When we see “user experience”, let’s make it about human experience. When we hear “the singularity is near”, let us remember: the Plurality is here.

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